23 Framework Things

Metronet’s 23 Mobile Things program was an experience that I benefited from by learning how librarians can effectively use mobile apps in their work with patrons.  The idea of a 23 things program is to immerse participants in a subject by exploring 23 selected facets of the subject and writing (usually a blog post) about […]

Library Instruction Committee Coordinator

I returned from the Music Library Association Annual Meeting in March 2014 with several ideas about how to improve library services, mostly in the area of instruction.  It was then suggested that I enact a library instruction committee and serve as its coordinator.  Based on the interest by the other librarians employed by the Minnesota […]

APA for the iPad

Due to my previous experience using the APA citation style, I was asked to be on an ad hoc library committee to create a local resource to replace the APA pocket guides that students were required to purchase.  With the small committee, we created a course using iTunesU that students could access using their iPads.  […]

Professional Development

I have embraced professional development since becoming a librarian.  I feel as though I am a lifelong learner and I love the process of acquiring more knowledge.  I have expanded my knowledge by attending conferences and in-services, partaking in webinars, giving a conference presentation, and continuing my college education by taking more courses.  I have […]

Faculty Presentation

Each quarter at the Minnesota School of Business there is an in-service that faculty, librarians, and administrators attend.  One in-service per year is held at the local campus.  I thought this would be a great opportunity to speak with the faculty at the Rochester campus directly about the ways they can assist students in finding […]

Information Literacy Lessons

In my Practicum experience at the Minneapolis Community & Technical College (MCTC) Library I worked closely with Librarian, Bill Vann.  He is a jack of all trades as a librarian, with knowledge of instruction, reference, and technical services.  We collaborated quite a bit on the Information Studies 1000 class offered at MCTC.  The course is […]

Information Literacy Tutorials

As part of my Graduate Assistantship with the St. Catherine University Library, St. Paul campus, I worked with Reference Librarian, Jeremy Quinn on Information Literacy Tutorials.  These tutorials were made in preparation of the St. Catherine University introductory course, The Reflective Woman, or TRW, now being offered as a hybrid course, with instruction primarily online. […]

Little Free Libraries

As a member of the Progressive Librarians Guild – St. Catherine University Chapter, I was able to assist in getting three Little Free Libraries installed on the St. Catherine University campuses.  I specifically worked to get the approval of several parties of the university to allow us to put up the structures, including the facilities […]

Student Library Advisory Board

Near the end of my schooling at St. Catherine University, I worked with my fellow MLIS classmates and with my contacts in the SCU Libraries to co-found the Student Library Advisory Board.  The goal of the board is to work with the librarians to help build the library that the students want.  Though the board […]