23 Framework Things

Metronet’s 23 Mobile Things program was an experience that I benefited from by learning how librarians can effectively use mobile apps in their work with patrons.  The idea of a 23 things program is to immerse participants in a subject by exploring 23 selected facets of the subject and writing (usually a blog post) about each facet.  Long-time friend and fellow academic librarian, Amy Mars, and I, enjoyed the 23 Mobile Things program.  So, when I became the co-chair of the Instruction Round Table (IRT) of the Minnesota Library Association and she suggested we do a 23 things program, I was all for it.  Working with Amy and the past co-chair and co-founder of the IRT, Kim Pittman, we made 2017 the year to focus on the often-confusing ACRL Info Lit Framework for Higher Ed.  In late April, we facilitated a workshop, presented at a conference, and launched the 23 Framework Things program to help librarians in Minnesota (and anyone who wants to participate nationally or internationally) better apply the Framework at their institution.  Together, we have learned a great deal about the employing the Framework in various contexts, securing funding for a professional development program, and collaborating effectively over time and distance.