Little Free Libraries

As a member of the Progressive Librarians Guild – St. Catherine University Chapter, I was able to assist in getting three Little Free Libraries installed on the St. Catherine University campuses.  I specifically worked to get the approval of several parties of the university to allow us to put up the structures, including the facilities director, the marketing/communications department, the MLIS program director, the dean of our college, and the director of the SCU Libraries.  I also helped in the building of the libraries which was done by our chapter’s student members and our faculty advisor.  The President of St. Catherine University was so taken with the Little Free Libraries that one was given to her as a personal gift!  These structures are our way of starting a conversation between members of the university and the surrounding community that we are a part of.  The link below is to an article written about our chapter during the installation of the first of the Little Free Libraries.

Little Free Libraries article


The photo above appears courtesy of Melissa Kaelin for St. Catherine University.